DirectRX Specialty Pharmacy Launches New Patient Scorecard


Medication compliance information helps doctors to improve care

TROY, MICH. – For many physicians who treat patients with chronic diseases, effectively evaluating each patients’ medication compliance is a true challenge. Adherence to prescribed medication is a crucial piece of any treatment plan, yet accurate and timely reporting is not readily available, leaving doctors to rely on subjective patient reporting.

In response to this information gap between pharmacies and physicians, DirectRx specialty pharmacy will launch its new Patient Scorecard this month, making secure, medication compliance data available to doctors in 40 states. The Patient Scorecard will calculate a patient’s adherence rating, which indicates if a patient fills the initial prescription, how frequently the prescriptions are refilled, and overall, if the patient is taking the medication as prescribed by their doctor. The report will be created on a regular basis for patients with COPD where adherence levels are typically low. The report will be sent to providers in a secure manner to help them understand where follow-up and more patient education may be necessary.

“Often physicians want feedback regarding whether their patients’ prescriptions are being filled, are they continuing to refill the medications, and how is their compliance or adherence,” said Heather Monte, Director of Operations for DirectRx. “It’s always been a bit of a challenge to give that information in an effective way. Now we are creating a full circle of care, where the pharmacy, doctor and patient are all communicating directly – not just through the patient.”

To create the Patient Scorecard, DirectRx uses a commonly accepted method to calculate adherence by looking at the “Proportional Days Covered” or PDC. The PDC is calculated, placed into a report regularly and provided to physicians at no cost. The PDC ranges from 0 to 1, where a value of 1 corresponds to 100% adherence. The Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) recommends that PDC be used in measuring adherence.

“Our hope is that this information helps to keep that circle of communication effectively moving, not just between patient and doctor, or patient and pharmacy, but by adding the doctor and pharmacy to the loop,” said Monte. “Doctors can play a larger part in understanding what medications are working and why, and they can make the right recommendations for their patients.”

Monte points out that there are different barriers to medication compliance for various patients. For some, it may be a lack of understanding as to why or how to take the medication as prescribed, while for others, it may be fear of side effects or other difficulties that can be addressed.

“Sometimes patients are getting a LOT of information during their doctor appointments,” added Monte. “When they get the medications in the mail later, they often need information and help to get started and stay compliant. Patients can call us 24/7 with medication questions; we have clinicians, patient care team members and pharmacists available during extended business hours to help, educate, and provide information they need to understand their medications and to help them be complaint.”

DirectRx is dedicated to increasing compliance and wellness for patients with chronic and sometimes life-threatening diseases. The Specialty Pharmacy accreditation includes disease specific clinical monitoring as well as patient compliance and adherence programs, all of which are securely maintained in compliance with Protected Health Information regulations.

DirectRx, an independent specialty pharmacy with dual accreditation from both ACHC and URAC, is dedicated to providing patients with unparalleled, personalized pharmaceutical care. Unlike other pharmacies, DirectRx is owned and operated by certified doctors of pharmacy. As a family-owned business, the company has grown to serve 40 states since its inception more than three decades ago. Investments in technology help to provide clients with accurate, timely orders.

MEDIA CONTACT: Heather Blasko