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Rx EasyPak

Throw out those pill-sorting boxes and let us do the work. The RxEasyPak makes complicated dosing regimens simple and portable.

What is RxEasyPak?

Our innovative RxEasyPak is a customized sorting and packaging system for patients taking multiple medications each day. Using state-of-the-art technology, DirectRx labels, fills, heat seals and perforates individual doses of multiple medications into dose strip packaging. One easy-open package with one dose of all of your required medications fits in your pocket, making it easy and portable. It’s the modern version of a pill-sorting box, but we’ll do the work for you at the pharmacy. Limited to oral solid medications.

What are the benefits of the RxEasyPak?

  • All medications are pre-sorted and packaged for you at DirectRx, eliminating the need to sort pills into boxes by dosing schedules.
  • Each dose packet is individually sealed and portable. Simply tear it off from the strip and take it with you.
  • Prepackaged medication all but eliminates the risk of missed or incorrect dosing.
  • Medications are dispensed, sealed and labeled for daily dosing right at the pharmacy, so compliance with complicated drug regimens is easier.
  • Tear packets are easier to open than pill bottles.
  • One box contains the entire dose strip, for easy storage.

How does it work?

DirectRx pharmacists consult with patients to determine selectable sorting capabilities by day, administration time or medication. Each dose of medication is then sealed in a medication strip package. A detailed label is imprinted directly onto every packet including the patient’s name, date of birth, medications enclosed, date and time to be administered, and any special instructions. One small box containing all of the sorted and prepackaged medications is then shipped directly to the patient.

Who should use the RxEasyPak?

  • Any patient with a complicated drug regimen or multiple daily medications will benefit from prepackaged doses.
  • Hepatitis C
  • Elderly patients with multiple pills to sort
  • Students away at school or camp

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