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DirectRx is an independent pharmacy dedicated to providing our patients unparalleled, personalized pharmaceutical care, as we have done for over twenty years.

Unlike other pharmacies, DirectRx is owned and operated by the same pharmacists who care for you on a daily basis. Our pharmacists are committed to helping you achieve your treatment goals while our patient care representatives are trained to handle your individual, unique needs. Our patient-focused pharmacy practice offers you several important advantages, as well as a little extra piece of mind. Just call and we’ll do the rest.

You can receive your medication and medical supplies through our home delivery program in either 30 or 90 day quantities. We also offer Rx EasyPak, the convenient option of having your medication prepackaged in morning, afternoon, and evening packets for the entire month. This is especially helpful for patients using multiple medications. Our healthcare team will help you customize a schedule that meets your needs.

DirectRx is a national provider with all major insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid.

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