Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C is a disease that affects the liver when a person has been infected with the Hepatitis C virus.

It is spread through blood-to-blood contact with someone who is infected. Most often, people that have the virus show little or no symptoms of it, and they don’t find out that they are infected until many years later once damage to the liver is found. Luckily, there are now medications available to cure chronic infections of Hepatitis C virus. Unfortunately, these medications are costly and require skilled pharmacies to handle the process of getting the medication to the patient. DirectRx is one of those pharmacies. We work with the prescribing physicians and the patient’s insurance company to ensure that the prescribed medication gets delivered to the patient as quickly as possible and continues to arrive on time each month for the duration of their treatment. We have pharmacists on call seven days a week to answer any questions a patient may have about their specific therapy. We believe that it is our job to make sure patients get their medications, so they can go on enjoying their lives.

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