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HIV is a virus that is spread through blood-to-blood contact and unprotected sexual contact.

Once a person is infected, it attacks their immune system, and if not managed with medications, it can lead to AIDS. Early detection of the virus is key to reduce the likelihood of the virus progressing to AIDS. There is no cure for HIV at the current time, but there are medications available to keep the amount of virus low in the body and prevent the progression to AIDS. It is important that anyone diagnosed with HIV or AIDS work directly with their doctor and pharmacy to make sure they are prescribed the appropriate medications and that these medications arrive on time each month. This helps keep the number of treatment options from decreasing due to the development of resistance to the medications and maintains a patient’s health by preventing the virus from progressing to AIDS.

DirectRx works closely with physicians to ensure that medications are always refilled on time and get delivered to the patient’s door in a confidential manner. We also offer the Rx EasyPak to help increase adherence to the medication regimen. With Rx EasyPak, all medications are pre-sorted and packaged at DirectRx, eliminating the need to sort pills into boxes by dosing schedules. This special packaging offers peace of mind to both physicians and patients dealing with complicated drug regimens. Additionally, we work with insurance companies to help alleviate any of the barriers that are common in the process of getting medication into the patient’s hands. Our pharmacists are on call seven days a week to answer any medication questions that a patient may have. We are here to be the patient’s partner in every step of the treatment process.

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