Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease that attacks the protective lining of the nerves.

Once the protective lining is damaged it can cause both physical and mental disturbances. Every patient experiences different symptoms and severities of their symptoms. The disease can present in multiple ways but almost always progresses at some point after diagnosis. There is no cure for MS, but there are many medications that can help a patient manage symptoms, prevent episodes, help a patient recover more quickly from an episode, and slow the disease’s progression. Many patients also choose to participate in physical and occupational therapy to help manage their symptoms. Any and all treatment decisions should be discussed with the patient’s physician.

DirectRx is here to ensure that patients get the medication they need delivered to their doorstep on time each month. That includes working with the insurance company and prescribing physician to overcome any barriers that may arise. Our pharmacists are on call seven days a week to answer any questions patients may have about their medications. We are here to make sure patients can go on living their lives without worrying about their MS medications.

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