Opioid Safeguard

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Chronic pain is often treated by opioids. These medications work very well to dull the pain response, however, long term use can often lead to dependence and tolerance.

Once a patient becomes tolerant to their prescribed dose, the dose usually needs to be increased to control their pain. Higher doses of opioid medications can become dangerous, especially when the long acting or extended release versions are used. A patient can accidentally take too much of their medication or react poorly to the increased dose of the medication and cause themselves to overdose. This is characterized by slowed breathing and the inability to be woken up and can lead to coma or death. Patients who take high doses of opioids should be prescribed a medication to reverse their effects in the event that they take an accidental overdose. This way, the patient can stay conscious long enough for an ambulance to arrive and take them to the hospital.

DirectRx is here to help supply this opioid reversal agent to patients who are at an increased risk of accidental overdose. We work with the physicians prescribing the opioids and the insurance company to make sure this safeguard makes it to the patient’s door free of cost and can be used by themselves or a family member in case of an emergency. We offer discrete delivery and our pharmacists are on call seven days a week to answer patient’s questions about their medications. At DirectRx, we believe it is our job to ensure patients get the medications they need delivered to their door, so they can go on living their life as they desire.

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