Organ Transplant

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Organ transplants are required when an organ fails or becomes damaged beyond what the body can naturally repair.

Many different organs can be transplanted, however, one thing is common with all of them: organ transplants require long term medication therapy to reduce the likelihood of organ rejection. It takes coordination between the pharmacy, physician and insurance company to ensure that patients are getting the right dose of medication at the right time to prevent the rejection of their newly transplanted organ. DirectRx is a seasoned veteran in the patient care team with transplant therapy. We believe that it is the pharmacy’s job to play a vital role in the healthcare team and to get the medication delivered to the patient each month when they need it. Our pharmacists are available seven days a week to answer any questions that a patient may have about their medications. We want our patients to focus on living their life to the fullest, not on how they will get their medications each month.

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