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Psoriasis is a chronic disease that results from the skin cells building up too rapidly, leading to patches of red scaly areas.

This often causes patients to feel embarrassed when the patches are covering large parts of their bodies, and it can be quite uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. Treatment can include a range of medications from topical therapies all the way to injectable biological therapy. DirectRx is here to make sure a patient gets the medication they need delivered to their door on time each month and to help alleviate any of the physical and emotional stressors that they may experience with psoriasis. We work with physicians and insurance companies to ensure a patient gets the therapy they need while overcoming any barriers that may arise in the process. Our pharmacists are on call seven days a week to answer questions a patient may have regarding their medications. Living with psoriasis can be a constant worry, and we are here to take some of that burden away.

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